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Partner Story: Shoreline Salmon

Partner Story: Shoreline Salmon



Sustainable, wild, Alaskan, hook & line caught and sold in the USA

Shoreline’s Process

Shoreline Wild Salmon exclusively uses the trolling fishing method. Trollers are small fishing vessels operated by one or two fishermen, using lines and hooks.

Fish are caught one at a time and handled individually.

If the vessel has freezing capability, salmon will be blast-frozen, and dipped in fresh water to form an ice glaze.

Fish are handled individually and with the utmost care, from the time they leave the water until delivered to retailers.

The diagram illustrates the basic setup of a trolling vessel. Aboard Tommy L II, Joe Emerson and crew operates a trolling setup similar to what is shown. Fishing lines with lures or bait fish are drawn through the water behind a moving boat, or by slowly winding in the line from a single position.


Smoked Coho Salmon Jars

Smoked with alderwood and then pressure cooked in 8 oz jars. These jars of smoked salmon are perfect for taking on the go or gifting to your salmon-loving family and friends. They are shelf stable until opened. Once opened, you can keep the in the refrigerator for up to one week, although we’re pretty positive you’ll eat it in one sitting.


Blue Heron Cheese & Smoked Salmon Board

  • The Cheese & Salmon Board includes:
  • Olive Wood Cheese Board
  • Boska Semi Soft Cheese Knife
  • Jacobsen’s Salt Tin
  • La Panzanella Original Croccantini Crackers
  • Willamette Valley Stone Ground Mustard
  • Shoreline Salmon: Wild Smoked Coho
  • Baracle Bills Salmon: Smoked Medium
  • Blue Heron Traditional Brie
  • Montchevre Goat Cheese: Organic Garlic & Herbs



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