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Partner Spotlight: Portland Bloody Mary Mix

Partner Spotlight: Portland Bloody Mary Mix

Solving life’s dilemmas one Bloody Mary at a time!

No matter what kind of day you had, or what kind of night you have planned, there is a Bloody Mary that will set just the right mood. This spicy mix will do just that... and it’s VEGAN! Yum Yum get ya some!




I didn’t love Bloody Mary’s until I was in my 20s, but they were always part of our family celebrations and social events. My mom wasn’t a great cook but she was a very confident bartender! I didn’t realize until about 10 years ago that there were so many ways to make them, and I made it my hobby and my joy to discover them all. That led me to write my book, Bloody Marys: Sanguine Solutions for a Slew of Situations, which describes 45 different Bloody Mary recipes and tips for ways to enjoy them. 

A few years after the book came out, a friend suggested I bottle and market one of the recipes. I couldn’t decide which one to produce, so I created another one. I based it on everything that Portland means to me. It’s robust, all-natural, hand-crafted, healthy, and delicious so many ways: not just for cocktails, but in soups, stews, sauces, dips, even popsicles! It’s a mix I’m proud to put my mother’s picture on because she was my inspiration, and hopefully it will inspire you to start making unforgettable Bloody Marys of your own!



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