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Chukar Cherries Milk and Dark Orchard Medley 6.75oz

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A medley of chocolate-covered cherries and nuts from Northwest orchards—Cabernet Cherries, Cherry Bings, Classic Milk Cherries, Cherry Blossoms, Vanilla Almonds. 

Cabernet Cherries are silky dark chocolate with wine essence. This treat complements the flavor of tart cherries in this rich, bold confection.

Cherry Bings are surrounded by milk chocolate laced with pure cherry essence. A Northwest classic with a natural burgundy color.

Classic Milk Cherries are Chukar Cherries' original confection. Extra large, slow-dried Bing cherries are drenched in fine European chocolate using old-world kettles.

Cherry Blossoms, inspired by spring, these naturally pink treats feature tart cherries coated in dark and white chocolates with fruit essence.

Vanilla Almonds! Pure vanilla accents dark chocolate and fresh roasted, domestically sourced almonds. A favorite companion to coffee.


Blue Heron is where to go. Their outdoor area is super chill with corn hole games and nice tables for wine tasting and a simple lunch. Everyone had a dog and that was probably the highlight of my day.

Kelsey C.

Incredible!!!!!! Go here!
The atmosphere is amazing and I loved their little wine tasting area.

Krista M.

We enjoyed playing cornhole while waiting for our food. A big plus was seeing roosters, (quails?) and peacocks roaming around the outdoor seating area, plus lots of friendly farm animals for petting...goats, llamas, donkeys, sheep.

Snow C.

They have very tasty mustards, jams, jellies...all sorts of dips and things which you can taste. They also have a great wine selection and well priced glass pours or tastings of your choosing.

Mikhail H.

Their smoked brie is just so freaking fabulous too - buy some when you're there and let it blow your mind!

Jen D.

Neat old vehicles and farm animals really interesting chicken breeds and a gift shop to die for. The coffee was hot. They have wine tasting and many gourmet food choices. What a fun place.

Pam L.

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