Wensleydale has a natural sweet acidity that complements fruit, best of all cranberries.

They take plump cranberries and add them to the cheese creating a great, sweet and juicy cheese. 

This cheese is also suitable for vegetarians as they use a microbial rennet that is not derived from animals.

Somerdale Wensleydale & Cranberries makes for a wonderful dessert cheese when served on sweetened or ginger crackers and is also great crumbled over a salad.

For pairing, try a glass of bubbly or a well bodied Port. Fruity ales would also be a good match.

Price: $7.95


    Sage Derby is one of England's oldest and most famous cheeses. This semi-hard cheese has a green marbled look, with a delightful mild sage flavor, which gives the cheese an almost minty accent.